Terms and Conditions of EYC

The charterer has to read carefully the charter Agreement which includes details regarding payment, delivery and redelivery of the yacht, security guarantee, dates of chartering and more. The Agreement has to be signed after the charter is booked.
All of the yachts we charter are insured for damages and for damages to other yachts. For any personal injuries or loss of your personal staff Eolia Yacht Club is not responsible. In that case you would be advised to have a travel insurance.
The refundable security deposit ranges between 1000-3000 euro depending on the yacht. This amount is refundable to the client with the end of the charter when everything is checked as ok and there are not any losses or damages to the yacht. In that case, Eolia Yacht Club keeps the cost of the repair.
In case you have made a booking and you have to cancel it, you are requested to agree to recompense as following:

A. A fee of 150 euro if the cancellation is made 90 days before embarkation

B. The 25% of the total cost of the charter if the cancellation is made 30-90 days before embarkation

C. The 35% of the total cost of the charter if the cancellation is made 30 days or less before embarkation


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